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The best good turns that fools can do us Prove disadvantages Unto Us. The manor was joined to the royal manor of Woking where Edward the Confessor was to build a hunting lodge on the site now occupied by St Edward's Church.

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In an effort to keep the estate within the Weston family she bequeathed Sutton Place to a distant relation on condition he took on the name of Weston and adopted the family arms.

Their ghosts are said to roam the corridors of Sutton Place.

The now Sir Francis Weston accused of adultery was executed two days before Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

However interesting to note here is that his experimentation with meadow flooding and canal building started right here along the River Wey between Stoke at Guildford and the estate, which was considerably more extensive in those days.

Sir Richard’s pioneering agricultural innovations can be found .

Weston rebuilt the house during the 1520s as the first great house in England without defensive fortifications.

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