Who katrina kaif dating


it started with whispers about Salman Khan taking an extraordinary interest in this beautiful actress right from her both Salman and Katrina have maintained a friendly relationship which has kept the onlookers confused about their actual status: on or off!

Even though Salman never misses a chance to pull her leg in public, he has always otherwise treated her with respect and friendliness without binding her with strings regarding her relationships with other actors including his arch enemy Shahrukh Khan.

This multi million dollar question regarding the identity of her romantic partner has not been answered to anyone’s satisfaction, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from playing the guessing game!

It is admirable to see how Katrina Kaif has managed to keep the media happy and guessing, even without revealing any personal details.

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan have always been one of the most loved on-screen/off-screen pairs of the B-town.

However, their relationship went kaput and it was reported that Ranbir Kapoor came between them.

We got our hands on this throwback interview of Katrina Kaif, where she had talked about her 'changed equation' with Salman and had also denied dating Ranbir, while speaking to Rediff.

Where even a few weeks back they were seen arriving together at a celebrity bash.

But that doesn't mean Katrina has moved on with Adi.

I think he's been a great guy and he's great on set with everyone and even the interactions I have seen him doing." "Actually, looking is not going to help.

You can look all you want but if you don't find, then that's pretty pointless.

Reports suggest Adi went out to pick Katrina outside her apartment last night and the two drove off to a secret dinner date.

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